My 'base' at the Aether

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My 'base' at the Aether

Post  Nachovilla on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:37 pm

Images resized (they weren't shown as they should if not resized)

View from the entrance of my base

The 'entrance' to the Aether

Silver Dungeon seen from the entrance to the Aether

Stairway Ladder to Heaven my lookout post

An outside view of my base. It's built inside a Holystone Mountain

Inner view of my base

A bridge to other sky lands

View from the bridge

Me, at my lookout post. Silver Dungeon at sight

If you are wondering why is it at night, if the Aether is supposed to have perpetual daylight...
I killed the Sun God (Gold Dungeon Boss)

Any mispelling or whatever is badly written is due to me being Chilean Razz

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